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Monday, January 14, 2013

Halloween Crafts for Kids Ideas

Halloween is one of special events that kids enjoy much. Usually, when a Halloween party is approaching, children will be busy prepare all the things they need especially the party decoration and the costumes they are going to wear. This also happens to my kids. Every year since they became elementary school students, they have had many Halloween events. As a mother, I get busy as well to prepare everything for them when Halloween comes. I do that happily as I love to see them enthusiastically having fun at the party. Usually my children celebrate this event at schools. Sometimes the schools where my children study asks the students to make Halloween crafts and bring them to school for the Halloween decoration.

Making crafts for Halloween party
Making crafts for Halloween party -

Fortunately, I know some Halloween crafts for kids that my children are lovely to do. Sometimes, when the school does not hold such party, the students initiate to have their own party. They choose one of their friends to be the host of the party. Of course the party can only be thrown within the parents’ agreement. Last year when my son was chosen as the host, we asked other friends to collect some Halloween crafts one day before the party so on the day of the party the crafts can be used or displayed in the party. They are simple thus easy to make. Here I want to share some of the ideas. Hopefully you kids also like it.

Halloween craft ideas

Halloween crafts for kids come in a number of ideas. Preparing art activities for this event is one step easier for that of birthday party as the theme is already in hand. So, there is no need to think about the theme of the party. There are already some icons that strongly resemble Halloween such as Jack-o'-lanterns, balloons, spider webbing, apples, and the like. But it can be a good idea to insert a new thing to give a new color for the party. Still, Halloween is always identical with pumpkin. Therefore, making a pumpkin craft is like a must thing to do for this occasion. For example, the young kids can make simple lid pumpkins. They can be made from plastic lids. Such lids are usually already available at any homes. Before using the lid to create a decorative pumpkin, it should be washed and allow it to dry. Then make a pumpkin stem using green craft foam. Cut a small square of the foam and glue this piece on the tip of the lid. The jack-o'-lanterns can be created by simply drawing the eyes, nose, and mouth using a black marker. Or, the eyes, mouth, and nose can be made of foam and glued on the pumpkin. Finally, whimsical pumpkin crafts are successfully created.

Jack-o'-lanterns Halloween crafts
Jack-o'-lanterns Halloween crafts -

Another simple idea of Halloween crafts for kids is to make a ghost craft. My children are always fond of to create ghoulish paper plate. Things needed for making this crafts are a plain white paper plate, craft paint, a black marker, a small brush, glue, and a tape. Ask the children to draw a spooky ghost face on the paper using a black marker. If they want to, they can also use the craft paint. The hands and arm shape can be made from the white construction paper. Cut them out and glue to the plate. Make them hang down by turning over the plate and glue it to the crepe paper bands in white color from the bottom. Hang them from the crown of the plate by attaching a white thread. Another ghost craft can be made by wrapping a white tissue over a lollipop. The ghost’s body can be created by tying orange or black yarn under the lollipop candy while the face can be drawn using a black marker. There are actually a lot of ideas for such small ghost crafts with different dificulty levels. If you think this idea is too simple, choose the more complicated one.

Halloween invitation ideas

Halloween invitation is also a part of Halloween crafts for kids. Usually the host of the party sends the invitation to let their friends know where and when the party is held. As Halloween is identical with black and orange, these two colors can be used for the invitation. Choose an icon that represents this even. If you think a pumpkin has been to common, you can try an own shape for the invitation. Draw a picture of own in a black paper. In the belly of the owl, stick a oval-shaped orange paper with a paper glue. Here, you can write some information about the party. Finally the invitation can be put in an envelope made by the orange paper. Actually there are many Halloween invitation templates that are downloadable. But, if the children can make it themselves, it will be much better.

Ghoulish paper plate Halloween crafts
              Ghoulish paper plate Halloween crafts -

Homemade Halloween costumes for kids
Perhaps, for most kids, preparing Halloween costumes is the most enjoyable thing to do. It is because what they wear resembling who they are. That is why the feel very excited when looking for a costume for this even. Instead of buying a Halloween a costume from a department store that may have expensive price, why don’t you ask your kids to design their own costume?

Halloween invitation cards
Halloween invitation cards -

It can be a part of Halloween crafts for kids, then. I believe they will find this idea awesome and they will be glad to do it. They will be very proud to wear their own costume. For parents, this idea can save a lot of money as there is no need to buy a new costume. Some popular costume ideas for Halloween are Scarecrow, Bag of Jelly Jeans, and Cat. I still remember when I made my little girl a scarecrow costume. It was very easy. You will need scraps of fabrics, denims, natural raffia trim, a straw hat, and a flannel shirt. You can get the kids involved in the making process by doing some simple parts for example glue the scraps, glue the raffia, and the like.  

Homemade Halloween customes
Homemade Halloween customes -

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