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Friday, June 14, 2013

Make Craft for Your Mother on Mothers Day

Being a mother is the most wonderful gift that any woman can received. It is an amazing experience that every woman wants to try. Some even say that female can be a woman only if they can be a mother. I’m not a mother myself, yet, but I know how it feels having a mother. Having someone you know will never stop loving you, will always be there for you. Can you imagine what your mother went through to took care of you when you were little? Changing diapers, lack of sleep, comforting you when you cry, feeding you, protect you, showering you with love and care. Not only taking care of you, mother is also in charge of household and some mothers are in charge of the money in the house as well.

Appreciate Your Mother

Growing up as a teenager, many people started to distance themselves from their mother, thinking that their mother is always in the way for anything that they want to do. Teenagers tend to be closer with their friends rather than their mother. This is okay, because at the end of the day, a person who won’t disappoint you is your mother. For everything that we put our mothers into, we should, I say, we must, appreciate them. Appreciate their advice, because, like it or not, they usually right.  Don’t treat them like maid who will clean your room and only talk to her when you need to find something in your room. Don’t treat them as a cook where you only talk to her when you need to eat. And don’t treat them as the bank that you only talk to when you need money.

Make Them Feel Important
This might be strange, but making mother feels important is actually not that difficult. Talk to them about your problem, confide to them, and let them try to help you. You know that mother actually is important, so treat her that way. It is okay to show that you love your mother no matter what age you are. The importance of a mother is widely known to the stage that there is a day dedicated to all mothers in the world, Mother’s Day.

Personalized Card for Mother’s Day

Many people who feel shy to express their feeling towards their mother are glad to have Mother’s Day because in this day, they can openly show their love to their mother without being embarrassed. There are many things you can give your mother. From flowers, dinner treat, lunch treat, spa voucher to personalized card.

Giving flowers is sweet but it’s too main stream. For some people, like me, handmade thing that is made with love is a better gift than something you can easily buy in the store. Handmade things give impression of effortful gift, and totally convey your feelings through to the person it delivered to. Making something like gift card is super easy. One of my hobbies is doing craft, and I usually give handmade cards instead of buying it for gifts so I know that making it is not that hard, except if you want to make something so complicated like sewing a handmade dress or bag. To make a mothers day craft, you only need some preparation and will.

First, you need to evaluate your skill on doing craft. Which level of creativity are you on. It’s okay to start from something basic and simple, so you won’t ruin the gift and waste the material. The simplest thing will be gift card. You can buy thick paper, any paper that you like. If you buy the paper with rough skin, you should buy the soft paper also, for you to write down the note, because it’d be difficult to write on a rough paper. Prepare color pen too, or crayon or sticky words so you won’t have anything to write down, you just have to stick the words to the paper.

Fold the thick paper into the form of a card. The size can be adapted to your liking. Pick stickers or photos that you want and you think will go well with each other, and start glue it to the paper. It’s better to put photo, one or more; photo of your mother and you, or your whole family. If you put your whole family photo, make your mother stand out by drawing an angel circle at the top of your mother’s head or draw a tiara that clearly show that she is the queen of the house. Put some lovely stickers around. Stickers with sayings like “mother” or “best” or “angel” or “queen”  or simply “love” will do. Choose whatever you think is best.

If you have garden, you can also pick your mother’s favorite flower and glue it to the card, make it stand-able so your mother then can appreciate your effort and put it on her coffee table in her room so she can remember your love every time she sees it. If you’re an adult and think that just a handmade card is not enough, you can buy something else to accompany the card.

If you want something more advance, you can try to make your mother a calendar, or an agenda if she’s a career woman. It’s easy to make a calendar, you just have to be diligent and stick to it until the end because putting numbers in order can take quite accuracy. Or if you’re more into sewing, you can make a handkerchief or an apron. If your mother is a housewife, an apron is the best choice. Choose a good quality fabric, and make sure you have the right measurement. Make the design on the piece of paper and start making mark on the fabric so you know which line you should sew and which corner of the fabric that you should sew together.

After you’ve done sewing, try it on, so you can tell if the apron is wearable or not. This can take a long time, but it’s worth your effort. You’ll be able to see your mother wearing that handmade apron every time your mother cooks or bakes. The last thing I will say is, no matter what you will give your mother, a great mother will be happy, because it’s the heart that counts, not the thing.

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