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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Leather Dining Chairs Treatment

Leather dining chairs is one dining chair models that are much in demand. In addition to natural, leather is also durable and looks beautiful as the center of attention in the room. Leather is also one of material that looks more attractive with age because of increasin gluster when used frequently.However, leather furniture requires regular care and extra attention that always looks good. Here are ways to treat the leather chairs.
How to Treat Leather Dining Chairs
Leather basically produces oil to coat and protect the surface. Without this oil layer, the leather material will rapidly aging and showing signs of cracks or broken because it is too dry. During its lifetime, leather dining chairs willl ose its natural oil layer. There fore, you need to replace the oil content of the leather with leather care product, such as conditioners and moisturizers to protect the surface of the leather material.

In order to make your leather dining chairs still looks excellent in the long term, do not place your dining chairs made of leather indirect sunlight or other heat sources. This is because heat and sunlight causes the leather becomes dry so it is easily cracked and discolored. Instead,put your leather dining chairs,at least,one meter from the heat source.

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