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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Art activities for kids for Birthday Preparation

As parents, preparing a birthday party for our kids is one of the annual tasks. Of course not all parents celebrate their kids’ birthday since the early year due to some reasons. But for me, holding a small birthday party to share happiness with others is a great chance. Even, I have started to do that since my daughter was one year old. I realized that she might do not understand the meaning of birthday but the point is that our family can share the joy with our beloved people. Now, my daughter is going to celebrate her six birthday party. Before, I always did anything myself. As my daughter grows older, I am planning to involve her and her friends for the birthday preparation. They can do some artactivities for kids.

art activities for kids
Kids are working together to decorate a birthday party and make some birthday crafts -

I think it is a great idea as it can be a great opportunity for them to do something fun and useful. The craft that they are going to make can be used as the birthday souvenirs and decoration. Sometimes, children also have their own ideas. Even, they can be more creative than adults. By starting to trust our children to do something themselves for their own party, we also teach them a responsibility.
Before we decide what art activities for kids to be done by the children, a special birthday theme should be set first. By having a particular theme in hand, it will be easier to prepare everything. Moreover, it will help provide some ideas for the kids. But still, allow them to use their own ideas. Kids may have plenty ideas and sometimes the idea of using a particular theme can limit their creative thinking. So, it will be better if we discuss what theme that our kids want for their birthday party. Once there is an agreement between parents and children on what theme will be used at the party, we can start shopping for the materials. Are there any local craft supplies in your area like mine? Just take the kids with you there. But if there are no craft stores near your place, you can think about online wholesale birthday craft supplies. Such stores provide what you need for the art activities such as colored paper, pens, glue, glitter, acrylic paint, markers, stencils, brushes, Popsicles stick, and many more. Choose green crafts materials which contain eco-friendly materials. They are safe for children. There are also edible materials provided by such stores.

Green crafts materials
Green crafts materials which contain eco-friendly materials are best materials for art activities for kids -

Birthday art activities ideas for souvenirs

Birthday souvenir is optional for a birthday party. The souvenir is intended for the guests who attend the party. The host gives them a souvenir to appreciate their coming. There are a lot of souvenirs ideas that can be given to the guests who are our kids’ friends. The souvenirs can be simple and cheap especially of you invite many people to the party. Just choose simple ideas that your kids can do. Making cute bracelets, for instance, can be nice art activities for kids. You will need beads, elastic cord, and super glue. It is very simple to make such bracelet. Ask the kids to gather the beads and begin adding the beads into the elastic cord in their desired design. You can help them by cutting the elastic cord. For kids’ had, 6-8 inches length for each is sufficient. This souvenir can be given for both girls and boys with different design and embellishments. What a nice souvenir it is.

Kids stretch bracelets for birthday souvenirs
Kids stretch bracelets for birthday souvenirs -

Another wearable souvenir is a birthday hat. This can be made by drawing a triangle with a curved edge on the bottom. The height should be about 12 inches while the bottom edge is about 18 inches. Cut it out. Ask the kids to creatively decorate the triangle shape with embellishments and markers. Glue the embellishments and let them dry. Roll the triangle into a cone shape to form a hat and secure it using paper clips. It can be worn on heat by attaching elastic cording. The guests can wear it during the party and bring it home after that. While the boys are wearing a cone shape hat, the girls can wear a cute and fancy-looked homemade narrow headband which is also easy to be made by young children.

Birthday hats
Birthday hats -

Decorating a birthday party

Children can also be involved in decorating the area where the birthday party takes place. There are many simple things related to the party decoration that even a very young kid can do. For example, we can ask the kids to cut big letters from a colorful paper and arrange the letters into “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” greeting. These letters can be placed on the wall or hung from the ceiling. Children can also blow some colorful balloons and place them on some spots in the party. Other things that can be decorated are for example a birthday cake and a gift box. The children will be very happy to do all these things. They will really feel that the party is theirs.

Art activities for kids for party decoration
Art activities for kids for party decoration -

Making Birthday Invitation

Birthday invitation is a crucial part of a birthday party as it informs the guests some important information about the party. There are ready-invitations available at stores. However, it can be put into a project of homemade birthday art activities for kids. The invitation is better created based on the birthday theme. Things prepared include some pieces of scrap paper, white card stock, scissors, and preferred materials for embellishments such as spray glitter, several different colors of paper, felt tipped pen, glue, and the like. It can be simply made the folding a piece of white paper and stick it on a thicker scrap book paper. After that it can be creatively decorated with the available materials as your kids want. It can be put into a decorative and unique homemade envelope too. Finally the invitations are ready to send. It is fine to have a simple design as long as it is attractive enough so the guests will be interested to come to the party.

Simple homemade birthday invitation
Simple homemade birthday invitation -

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