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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Teach Your Kids Valuable Easter Crafts

If you are asked what holiday you miss the most besides Christmas, what will be your answer? Easter holiday it might be. Well, Easter sure is a nice time to gather with family and have fun together. So, what is identical to Easter holiday? Easter is identical with eggs and bunny. Therefore, let’s spent this holiday with Easter craft, of course what we will make has to be related to eggs and bunny. For that matter, you can teach these two ideas of easter craft for kids.

Easter Craft
Easter Craft

Nest full of Easter Eggs

The most common thing of craft people tend to do on Easter holiday is egg decorating. It may be common, but there is nothing wrong with go back to the basic. Moreover, in this Easter craft we will make the eggs along with nest. It is pretty easy to make even for kids. Of course we don’t want to teach our kids to waste foods just for fun. For that reason, this one will be perfect since it is not only become a decoration but also can be used to serve the eggs for consumption.
Checklist Items:
·     Eggs
·     Paint
·     Paint brush
·     Yarn
·     Glue
·     Balloon

All the items in hand, time to get started with the crafting. Firstly, we will make the nest since its making may take quite some time.

1.      Take the yarn. Regarding the length it is up to you, just make sure that it is not too short to make a nest to contain the eggs. Since it is bird’s nest you may want to use brown to make it more realistic. However, it is also up to you if you want to make it with other colors. Anything will do, after all it is your creation.
2.      Blow the balloon into your desired size of the nest. Just, put in mind that the larger you want the nest to be, the more yarn and glue you will need. You can use ball instead of balloon if you want. It is just balloon is more flexible to adjust the size and make easier to remove the yarn later.
3.      Prepare the glue and dip the yarn into it. Make sure it dips nicely to ensure it will stick together nicely as a nest. If all you got is just white yarn yet you want to use other color, make use of the pain and mix it with the glue to get some coloring. After that put it on the balloon, make the pattern as you like. Get done and leave it to dry for at least one night.
4.      After you are sure that it has dried well, remove it from the balloon by simply by popping up the balloon. 

Now, we have done with the nest. It is time to move on to the eggs decorating business.

1.      Firstly, on choosing good eggs to decorate with paint, make sure that the eggs’ surface is nice and clean without a crack on it.
2.      Since we want to serve the eggs for consumption, we will need to boil the eggs before decorating it. To avoid the creation of cracks because of the boiling, add a spoonful of vinegar to the water used for it.
3.      After you are done with the boiling, chill the eggs with cold water. Again, to avoid cracks add some salt into the water.
4.      Now we have done with the eggs preparation. Prepare the paints that will be used for it. Make the color selection as much as possible if you want to let the kids decide their own design on the egg. Also put in mind that the paint you use is safe for paint over eggs. There should be a detail about it on the packaging about it. If there is not, ask the seller about it.
5.      Let the kids paint the eggs anyway they want. Let they imagination and creation flow as it is. If there are plenty of kids there, make sure that the eggs and paintbrush you prepared is enough for each of them to avoid fighting.
6.      Aside from paints, you may also prepare some other things to let the kids being creative. Flannelette, crepe paper, ribbon, and glue, are some things that you can prepare for it.
7.      After being painted and decorated let it dried a while.
8.      Those decorated boiled eggs can be stored in the fridge for about ten days. So, make sure to consume it during that period. Serve it with the nest you have made before

Candy Carrot Bucket

The first creation is egg related Easter craft. So, the next creation should be that related to bunny. Of course it still has to be kid related as well. Kids like candy so we will make this one a candy bucket. This one is very simple and needs no much material.
Checklist Items:
·     Terra-cotta pots
·     Pipes
·     Crepe papers (orange and green)

Have prepared all the items, it is time to start crafting.

ü   Make sure the pots are clean and dry. Let your kids to decorate the pots just like the above picture or just let them design it anyway they want.
ü   Cut the pipes into the length of about 10-15 cm. On this matter, don’t let kids do this alone. At least be by their side if they do it on their own. After that wrap them up with the orange crepe paper to shape the carrot’s body. Since pipe has same width from top to bottom, make the bottom a little thinner by using the crepe paper only. Also reserve some length of the orange crepe paper at the top to be connected with the sprouts.
ü   Make the carrots sprouts by using the green crepe paper. Roll the green crepe paper and interconnect it with the top of the carrot. Cut the green one so it will looks more like sprouts.
ü   Fill the pots with candies. It doesn’t have to be green in color, any color should be fine. 

Description: Teach Your Kids Valuable Easter Crafts
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